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5/7 Shamisen performance @ Hibiya OKUROJI at "Hibiya Fes 2023"

We are honored to announce that NEXT Artist 2023 was selected from among 330 groups. On May 7th (Sunday), the last day of Golden Week, we will perform at "Machinaka Theater" in Hibiya Festival! !

●Date and time May 7 (Sun) 12:00-/14:00- (2 performances) ●Venue Hibiya OKUROJI ●Program "Tanuki" (excerpt), "Fujin Raijin" (self-composed) ●Performers Katsushirou Kineya, Sadasuke Mochizuki, Kazunosuke Matsunaga, Kozaburo Kineya The program is "Tanuki" which I uploaded to YouTube and my own composition "Fujin Raijin". I will perform with my good friends, seniors and juniors, who I often perform with. The place is [Hibiya OKUROJI].(

(Hereafter, from the venue website ↓) In September 2020, "Hibiya OKUROJI" was born under the overpass connecting JR Yurakucho Station and Shimbashi Station. A total of 35 stores, including 21 restaurants and 14 retail stores, operate within the facility, which extends for about 300 meters vertically. There are some business people happily walking through the arched entrance, surprised by the scenery under the overpass, which has completely changed from before.

A temporary stage will be created in a stylish redeveloped space under the elevated tracks, and we will perform like a street live performance. It's truly a "machinaka theater" where passers-by can stop by and have fun (^^) Admission is free and no reservations are required, so please feel free to come and listen! If you don't mind, please spread the word.


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