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杵屋小三郎 坂口あまね 長唄三味線演奏者 作曲家



花菱 家紋 杵勝会

As a professional shamisen player, pianist, and composer, she composes both Nagauta and Western classical music such as orchestral or chamber music.
Amane Sakaguchi (b.1998) is professionally known as “Kosaburo Kineya” in her shamisen performances.
Born to a musician family succeeding the art of “Nagauta” music for over 200 years in Tokyo, Sakaguchi began her professional career as a shamisen player at 14 and announced to succeed the stage name “Kosaburo Kineya Ⅳ” at 20.
She has played shamisen as a leading player in historical theaters such as Kabuki-za (Tokyo), Minami-za (Kyoto), and Hakata-za (Fukuoka).
She explores opportunities to collaborate with musicians of different genres such as Rock, Classical, etc. She sometimes arranges and incorporates some phrases from traditional Nagauta to fit into other music genres. 

Her unique musical background made her interested also in other genres of music. She started playing the piano at 4 and won several prizes at domestic and international competitions.
With her broad interests and knowledge of both Japanese and Western music, she is not wedded to her traditional background but always enjoys looking into new perspectives of shamisen.

She is a trilingual speaking Japanese, English and German.

​Shamisen player / Composer

​Kosaburo Kineya Ⅳ




花菱 家紋 杵勝会
花菱 家紋 杵勝会



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